Letter: Coach McCaff makes community better

To the Editor:

The Trumbull High School community is made better by the efforts of individuals like Mr. Jim McCaffrey. Mr. McCaffrey is not only a hardworking English and poetry teacher, but also a dedicated coach to his fall cross country and spring track teams. In addition to his many responsibilities, Mr. McCaffrey goes out of his way to bring the Trumbull High community closer together.

This year, Mr. McCaffrey facilitated the first annual Black VS. Gold Pumpkin Run Challenge. He encouraged Trumbull High faculty to sign up for Trumbull’s Great Pumpkin Classic 5k. He then designed posters for the runners, along with his colleague Mrs. Shupp, that were displayed in one of the hallways at school. He created videos that were played in all the homerooms to motivate students to come support their teachers at the run, furthering the bond between faculty and students at our school.

I know Mr. McCaffrey as Coach McCaff. Since I joined girls cross country my sophomore year Coach McCaff has been the inspiring head coach and leader of our team. Coach McCaff does everything in his power to bring the team and program to new heights, and is always raising the bar. He started a camp in the middle schools as a feeder program to prove that running is not just a way to stay in shape for other sports; indeed, running is a sport in and of itself. As our coach, Mr. McCaffrey has taught our tight-knit team how to work hard and be competitive, yet also how to play hard and encourage one another. He has created an incredible atmosphere for our team, which grows stronger every year. This year, under his leadership, the team has reached statewide recognition.

The Trumbull High School Girls Cross Country Team earned the FCIAC West Division title and trophy, and two of our athletes, Julia Provenzano and Kate Romanchick, moved on to the highly competitive State Opens race.

High school students need mentors and leaders who go beyond their written responsibilities as teachers and coaches. Mr. McCaffrey is a great example of someone who looks out for his students and helps us reach and exceed goals that were once believed to be impossible. Trumbull is so fortunate to have Mr. McCaffrey as a part of our community, and I am honored to have had him as my coach.

Emma Thornton,

Co-Captain of

Trumbull High School

Girls Cross Country