Letter — Clerk trying to rewrite history

I am writing in response to Town Clerk Suzanne Burr Monaco's letter to the editor published on January 17th.
The Town Clerk's letter contained some disrespectful sarcasm. I think that such sarcasm is below the dignity of her office.
Beyond this, I would suggest to the Town Clerk that if she is looking for answers or wants to point fingers regarding the various apartment projects in town that she look to her own Republican Party first, of which she is one of the leaders. Trumbull Republicans controlled the Planning and Zoning Commission until December 2018. The zoning change that opened the door for 600 apartments around Reservoir Avenue/Oakview was passed under the previous administration, and also provided for a tax abatement for one of the developers to encourage the 202-unit project on Oakview. The zoning change at the Trumbull Mall which could allow up to 260 apartments was passed because two of the three Republican commissioners voted for it.
Perhaps the Town Clerk is trying to re-write history, or perhaps she is hoping residents forget what happened. Vicki Tesoro is trying to take the appropriate steps for Trumbull given the situation that was handed to her. I hope everyone will support the moratorium on new apartment projects she has proposed.
Tom Kelly, chairman
Trumbull Democrats