Letter: Claims are frivolous and inaccurate

To the Editor:

In response to the Tenants’ Association ‘alive and thriving’ published in your paper dated September 26, 2013; let me first correct some erroneous facts that were stated.

Stern Village and the Henry S. Stern Center are not owned by the State of Connecticut.

The complex (land and facilities) are owned and operated by the Trumbull Housing Authority. Stern Village is not subsidized by the State of Connecticut. Stern Center receives a subsidy for helping the tenants receiving limited services.

As I am the “President” of the so-called Association of Stern Village, I can state that the majority of residents are not in favor of the antics and tactics that Mr. Littlefield has employed since the Association was started. We do not know if the Association was legally formed. Mr. Littlefield has collected funds from some of the residents, but he has refused to give me or other residents an accounting. He is totally acting on his own, representing himself as a spokesman for an “Association,” and to date I have approximately over 75 signatures in a petition to disband the Association. The Tenants’ Association has approximately 30 members out of the total population of 222 residents in Stern Village.

Furthermore, Mr. Littlefield’s activities are costing the Trumbull Housing Authority time and money in responding to his frivolous and inaccurate claims. He has upset many of the elderly tenants who just want to live in peace and harmony with each other.

The new administration of the Trumbull Housing Authority, including the Board of Commissioners and the Executive Director, in a short time has changed the atmosphere at the Village, and they have become much more responsive to our resident’s needs.

Robert Lewis