Letter — Choosing person over party

My name is Sam Sotolongo, and I am a special education teacher at Bassick High School. I have worked with Rich Deecken since 2013, and I am pleased to endorse his candidacy for the State Senate in District 22.

In Rich’s time as a social studies teacher, he has forged deep connections with both students and staff. He is the advisor of several student organizations, coached football, and recently became the social studies department chair. Rich recently won the Kathy Silver Award for teaching excellence from the Daniel Trust Foundation. Rich is also known as “the Voice of the Bassick Lions” and is heard in the public address booth at Bassick athletic events, cheering our students on to success.

As a voter, I choose person over party when selecting a candidate for public office. I have known Rich for over five years, and he has consistently demonstrated that he has the right temperament for the position of state senator. Rich understands that education is the foundation for our nation’s future, and that by reaching the youth today, we can influence tomorrow for the better. He is responsive to suggestions and criticism alike, and is a dynamic individual who unselfishly puts the needs of the community first.

Rich is the best candidate for the job, and I urge the voters of District 22 to vote for Rich Deecken for State Senate this November 6.

Sam Sotolongo

Bassick High School