Letter: Chief Lombardo will be role model and 'beacon of light'

To the Editor:

Thank you to The Trumbull Times for providing coverage for the swearing-in ceremony of Trumbull Chief of Police, Michael Lombardo. This will be a historic year for the Town of Trumbull. For the first time in over 10 years, new leadership has been established for the Trumbull Police department. It’s ironic last week was National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, it was certainly appropriate that The Trumbull Times was able to provide coverage.

Out of over 100 candidates in a nationwide search, Mike Lombardo was chosen chief because he brings an incredible work ethic, organized and focused approach to police work. Throughout the interview process, all of us were impressed with the positive changes Mike brought to the Wilton police department in over 10 years as chief.

I am very proud to have witnessed the incredible work ethic, intelligence and compassion that Trumbull police display every day as they serve to protect all Trumbullites.

Through his leadership abilities, Chief Lombardo will serve as an exemplary role model and provide a beacon of light for others to follow as he fosters and builds upon the stellar reputation built on outstanding police work that is the Trumbull Police Department.

Jack Testani, chairman of the Trumbull Police Commission