Letter: Changing CO detectors can save lives

To the Editor:

Two years ago there was a carbon monoxide leak at my house. When the fire department arrived they said that the level was extremely high and that we were lucky we got out of the house in time.

A few minutes before our CO detector went off I felt woozy spell. I now know why. About an hour before, the kids complained of headaches before they left for school. I now know why. We were lucky because the top floor CO detector went off in time to alert us to leave the house. When it was determined that the source of the leak was an issue with the venting of the basement furnace, I questioned the alarm company why the basement CO detector didn’t go off first and the plug in detectors that I had on the main and top floors didn’t go off.

I was told that CO detectors expire and they were old. The filter inside that detects the gas wears out approximately every four years.

I urge you to let your readers know this, so that they have an opportunity to replace CO detectors in their home might expired.

Barbara Rudini