Letter: Candidate deserves better than 'in the gutter' attacks

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to the inappropriate and misleading comments made by local Republican leaders about Tara Cook-Littman’s appearance in the independent film Bought.

Tara Cook-Littman is running for State Representative in the 134th District, which encompasses the portion of Trumbull that is District 4. She has waged a positive campaign, and has refrained from negative attacks that have become so commonplace during these past few weeks. Unfortunately, she has not been treated in the same fashion. Factually, the film focused on other things besides vaccinations, such as the food we buy and eat. The entire focus of the interview with Tara in this film was about food, specifically, Tara’s fight to pass legislation in Connecticut requiring GMO labeling so that all of us know what is in our food.

Tara did not make a single comment about vaccinations! She is the mother of three children, all of whom have received their vaccinations! It is terribly misleading to imply otherwise. Trumbull voters deserve much better than in-the-gutter attacks. Tara Cook-Littman is a wonderful mother. That should never have been called into question. She is running for all the right reasons. Tara Cook-Littman will be a tireless and relentless advocate for all of us in Hartford. She will approach her duties in the same way as she did the GMO labeling effort. She is a hard worker and she wants to make Connecticut a better place for all of us, particularly, the next generation.

Tom Kelly, chair of

Trumbull Democratic

Town Committee