Letter — Can’t get a better candidate than Lavoie

In three short weeks Trumbull residents will be called upon to elect a new First selectman. A CEO, if you will, of this $170 million corporation overseeing 255 employees. This time around we have three very different candidates: A petitioning candidate, a major party candidate who has run and lost before and then we have Paul Lavoie.

Paul is the vice president of a successful manufacturing company who has worked in business all his life. If elected, Paul will bring that tremendous life experience to the corner office every day.

He also has government experience, serving five years on the Board of Finance and two years on the Board of Education. Paul Lavoie knows how Trumbull works. There will be no learning curve here.

Paul is a true Trumbullite. He and Cindy have lived here for years. As a father of four, he was the founding president of the Tashua Fathers Club and coach of the CT Riverhawks boys and girls hockey. Paul is also on the Board of Directors of the United Way.

Paul believes in supporting education, supporting our seniors thru tax relief and services, reducing government costs, growing our grand list and reducing our financial need from Hartford. He is also willing to listen to diverse viewpoints to create mutual respect. Most of all, Paul brings a calm, common sense approach to leadership.

Over the past eight years Trumbull has been moving in the right direction. We have been paying down our debt, we have been funding our pensions, and we have economic development growing on the Long Hill Green and Madison Avenue. Trumbull schools are now ranked second in the state.

We have done all this while keeping taxes stable and predictable. That's an incredible feat. We need to keep this town moving in the right direction. We cannot go back to the days of double digit tax increases. As the State of Connecticut continues to struggle retaining residents and businesses, more pressure is placed upon Trumbull to remain competitive. Paul Lavoie is the only candidate who can guide Trumbull through these uncertain times. And he's a nice guy. Come on Trumbull, you can't get a better candidate. Vote Paul Lavoie and the entire Lavoie team on Row B on November 7.
Joe Pifko, R-4th
Trumbull Town Council