Letter: Business person first, politician second

To the Editor:

My name is Jim Blose and I have been a proud member of the Trumbull Town Council for the past two years. My wife Kathy and I settled down in Trumbull ten years ago with our two children, Lauren and Tyler, because we believe Trumbull provides all of the benefits needed to raise a family.

For those of you who do not know me, I am a business person first and a politician second. I choose to focus on important issues and make informed decisions that will be in the best interests for all Trumbull residents. As a Town Council member, I have no interest in pursuing personal agendas. My background as a corporate banking attorney will continue to be a positive influence to the entire Town Council. I know what it takes to make fiscally responsible decisions.

When I first moved to Trumbull, annual real estate tax increases of 5 to 7 percent were a constant theme. However, a positive change occurred with the Herbst administration and the average tax increase has been 1.88%, which, in today’s economy, is a far more fiscally acceptable figure. At the same time, the education budget has increased and the bond rating for Trumbull has remained strong.

On Election Day, I respectfully ask that the residents of District 3 cast a vote for me and my fellow District 3 running mates and further cast a vote to re-elect Tim Herbst as First Selectman.

Jim Blose

Town Council Candidate, District 3