Letter: Build a wall of love

Hey glowing skin, you come in different colors pale black and brown;

But you always look stunning in a beautiful gown.

Hey gorgeous eyes, your black, brown, blue, and green eyes come in different size;

But without you, I can not see, cry, or gaze.

O shiny hair, you are Curly, Wavy, Straight, and Smooth; how we would all be bald without you;

You always faithfully come back even when we keep cutting you.

O emotional heart, you can feel love, sadness, anger, and fear;

But you’re always full of hope, prosperity, and cheer.

O holy god, we call you many different names like Bhagwan, Allah, or Jesus;

But everyday we pray to you for miracles, blessings, and wishes.

We are all so different but yet so similar in our own ways;

But are we not all part of the same human race?

We all have a heart filled with emotions, eyes that help us see, hair that makes us look nice, and skin that protects our bones;

I want to feel like I belong but in my own unique way and not be a clone.

Let’s not build a wall of hate that makes everyone gloomy, dark, and fearful;

Instead, let’s build a wall of love that makes everyone happy, secure, and cheerful.
Anusha Ragupathy, 10