Letter: Bringing back 'our Connecticut'

To the Editor:

I remember my parents discussing the reasons why they came to the U.S.A. and had chosen Connecticut as the place to build their lives. It meant “Welcome” signs for businesses and the ability to find work. Residents were able to support their families, build a nest egg and save money for their children’s’ college funds and retirement. My dad had so much work that he referred his customers to family or friends so they could share the workload. Connecticut attracted factories and corporations rather than forcing them to move or close.

People worked hard so they could enjoy their golden years. Now, people from all age groups hear the word “retirement” and are filled with uncertainty.

Residents looked to agencies for assistance with trust and confidence. However, there is a lack of trust now, in some instances due to corruption. The word “welfare” was rarely heard as it was only a temporary solution for some people until they found work. But now it has become a permanent solution and sometimes the welfare system has been abused. Who can bring back “Our Connecticut?”

I am excited and filled with confidence that Dan Debicella can bring back “Our Connecticut.” He is the candidate for Congress in the fourth district who can attract businesses, create jobs and eliminate excessive spending while leading with integrity.

Joanna M. Leone