Letter: Blueweiss family applauds Trumbull Little League

To the Editor:

On behalf of the Blueweiss family, I want to applaud Trumbull Little League and all that I witnessed, first hand, at the Jeffrey Blueweiss Memorial Tournament. I want to recognize all the volunteers who juggle home and work lives and still make Little League a priority.

When president of Trumbull Little League, Jeff’s mission was turn the organization into something Trumbull could be proud of. Not only did he envision an enviable park but more importantly he wanted to see enviable coaching. His motto was “Teach, Motivate and Lead by example.”

For Jeff, the best coach would be the one whose goal was to teach sportsmanship. For Jeff, the best coach would be one that encourages each player as if he were his own son to do their best. For Jeff, the best coach motivated players with positive reinforcement.

On Tuesday, July 29 that is what we saw. Not only did we watch the games in an enviable park, we also saw a coach that knelt to the level of each of his 8 year-old players and gave a sincere, warm hug as if each was his own son as they each received their trophy.

This was the first year we awarded the Jeffrey Blueweiss Outstanding Athlete Award to one player who exemplifies the values that Jeff found most important: being a supportive teammate, having a positive attitude, understanding there is no “I” in “team”. Riley Mack was unanimously selected by the coaches for this honor. Despite

Riley’s personal challenges he puts them aside and gives his all for the team. For all these reasons, we extend our sincere thanks for everyone who made this possible. I know Jeff would say “Mission Accomplished”.

Lynn Blueweiss