Letter: Better today than four years ago

To the Editor:

Fall is upon us and this year it brings not only foliage, but an important local election. As Trumbull residents, we have the opportunity to ask ourselves, “Is Trumbull a better place today than it was four years ago?”

Four years ago, we faced staggering tax increases paired with a weak economic development policy: A paralyzing one-two punch that threatened to bring our great town to a standstill. As a homeowner and a parent, who put down family roots here over three decades ago, I was deeply concerned for the young families moving in around me. I wanted them to raise their children in the same affordable and prosperous hometown my family and I loved so much. Things weren’t looking good.

Then, suddenly, it all started to turn around. Like many of you, I watched with great interest and admiration as the Herbst administration arrived. They brought with them a new playbook that’s ignited Trumbull's economic growth and helped homeowners hang on to more of their hard-earned money.

Under the leadership of First Selectman Tim Herbst, Trumbull taxpayers have seen their property tax bills go up an average of just 1.88% in four years. That’s slower than inflation! Herbst brought good news for our senior citizens, too: He doubled their tax break. And, you need only drive over to the new medical complexes on Park Avenue and Quarry Road to see Herbst’s expansion of our commercial tax base for yourself. He and his team have turned Trumbull into a desirable place to do business.

As you already know, Trumbull is a wonderful place to live, but it’s getting even better under this administration. They scored a one million dollar grant to extend the historic Pequonnock River Valley Trail, one of my favorite places to walk, bike and run into old friends. And, for our young families, the decision to live in Trumbull just keeps paying off. Now, we’ve got full-day kindergarten in our schools and an incredible 99.4% high school graduation rate. Trumbull students have bright futures. After high school, 94% go on to pursue higher education.

These amazing changes didn’t happen by accident or by luck. Progress like this takes sound ideas backed by strong leadership, integrity and enthusiasm. I am proud to have been asked to join Tim Herbst and his outstanding team as a candidate in the 4th District for Trumbull Town Council. I would consider it a privilege and an honor to represent the 4th District, which I’ve called home for over 35 years.

Trumbull is better off today than it was four years ago and it is moving in the right direction. There’s lots more hard work ahead. I encourage you to vote for Tim Herbst and the entire Republican team at the polls on Nov. 5.

Joe Pifko

Candidate for Trumbull Town Council