Letter: Attack on Kelly is a political vendetta

To the Editor:

Trumbull’s First Selectman Herbst has had a political vendetta against former TRTC member, Tom Kelly, since Herbst first took office in 2009.

Herbst has been consistent in his efforts to insult, degrade and silence Tom Kelly.

Now that Herbst is seeking higher office, he cannot afford having Mr. Kelly’s intelligent and well-informed criticisms reaching a state-wide audience.

With an Ethics charge against him, whenever Tom Kelly opens his mouth, Herbst can dismiss him with the comment, “Mr. Kelly has been found guilty of ethical mis-behavior in the town of Trumbull . . . ”

Whoa! Unfortunately, this is typical of the way the TRTC handles even the slightest of criticism.

This ethics complaint is no more than Tim Herbst seeking to discredit a formidable foe.

Tom, congratulations! You have really gotten under his skin. Bravo! Tim, isn’t it time you learned to take criticism?

Drop this vendetta. Enough already. If you want to play with the big kids on the state level, you’d best grow a thick skin. The one you’ve been wearing is much too thin.

Tom’s a taxpayer and town volunteer. He pays your salary. Let him have his say! This is America. Let every citizen have their say — without fear of insults or ethics charges.

It’s time to face the fact that not everyone’s going to love you like mom and dad. Please, move on.

Carol Hudak