Letter: As taxes go up, students outside town using schools

To the Editor:

Schools out and the children and young people of Trumbull are out for the summer. I would like to congratulate them all, we really have some nice kids in this town.

I do want to bring up the fact, that a small percent do not reside in Trumbull. How do I know this? I have them living right on my street. I had them around the corner when I first moved here in 1998 but said nothing. They were living at grandma’s. Now a new family moved in this past fall and two high school boys were seen around the house all week long, kicking the soccer ball all day. Now there is no sight of them, none. Yet they come home with a back pack and are soon picked up.

No one wants to be a snitch but as my taxes keep going up mostly because the School Board always finds new ways to spend money I can no longer be silent. If it’s happening on my little street I can only imagine how many kids, mostly from Bridgeport, if not all, come to school here with the help of my over-blown taxes. So please next year before the town and school board decide that we need more money because of overcrowding and large classrooms, please get more aggressive.

I also want to thank Dmitri Paris and Bob Ferrigno and the whole Trumbull Parks Board for their keeping Twin Brooks Park for Trumbull residents. It’s truly a gem. The five dollar parks sticker is well worth it. Good job Ranger Bob and your fine team!

Mike Mastroni