Letter: Arlyne Fox was a passionate planner who preserved Trumbull’s character

To the Editor:

Former Planning & Zoning Commissioner Arlyne Fox passed away last week and I wanted to say a few words about her service on the board. She was by far the most conservative member of the P&Z during my years serving alongside her, 2007-2013. By conservative, I don't mean she was a Republican, which she was. I mean that she was steadfast in her number-one priority, preservation of the character of the town. She had a vision of what Trumbull was, and is, and she was uncompromising in defending that vision.

She was especially sensitive on the topic of lighting, and the risk of light pollution from corporate and commercial development. She paid attention to arcane things like candlepower, lumens, foot-candles and other measurements of light output.

She was never happy that you could see the signs for the stores at the Hawley Lane Mall from Route 8 and the Merritt Parkway.

She cared about the look of street lamps, and their height. She cared about the look of stone walls, and whether trees should be removed from her beloved Tashua Road, and elsewhere. She was also for many years the P&Z representative on the Inland Wetlands Commission, where she cared with equal passion about the town's waterways and lowlands.

On a board where everyone was focused on economic development and "progress," Arlyne was the counterweight — she cared about preservation above all else. While her perspective didn't always prevail, I always appreciated that it was valid and worth considering. For every commissioner who cared about what the next new development or subdivision would be, Arlyne was there to temper the rush to develop.

She served Trumbull capably for many years and I salute her service.
Tony Silber
Secretary, Trumbull Planning & Zoning Commission