Letter: Are we doing enough for seniors

To the Editor:

How effectively are we helping our large and growing senior population fight ailments of age, isolation and inactivity? Are our senior center programs meeting the needs of our seniors? How do these programs compare with those of neighboring towns? Does our senior center measure up?

Answers to these and other questions comprise the Democrats New Vision for Trumbull’s Seniors. As First Selectman, Martha Jankovic-Mark will name a citizens’ committee to develop the Vision. The committee will develop a roadmap for the future, including recommendations for program revisions and for changes to the current facility or for its replacement. An essential element will be capital and operating projections to help determine the Vision’s feasibility.

Democrats will also recommend financial assistance for our seniors as follows:

• Tax credits for seniors in the lowest income tier

• Tax deferrals for seniors in the middle tax tier

• Elimination of interest on credits and deferrals.

In the past, our seniors have been there for Trumbull. It is time Trumbull is there for them.

If you would like to learn more, please visit our website: www.MarthaforTrumbull.com

Thank you and we seek your support at the polls on Nov. 5.

Doug Sutherland, Candidate for Town Council District 1

Dawn Cantafio, Candidate for Town Council District 1

Jon Green, Candidate for Town Council District 1

Dan Marconi, Candidate for Town Council District 1