Letter: An act of kindness not forgotten

I recently coordinated a class trip for students of Trumbull’s Specialized Resource Program at Frenchtown School (SRP).

On Friday morning, April 25, we arrived at Chip’s Family Restaurant in Trumbull. We were promptly seated on the side, next to a gentleman who sat alone, enjoying his breakfast. He was almost done when we arrived. He commented on how nice it was for us to be with our students out in the community.

He seemed to enjoy the uniqueness that we celebrate daily. I simply smiled and agreed that it was great for everyone. I noticed he was getting ready to leave.

What happened next brought tears to my eyes. He came back to our table and offered us a Chip’s gift card to use for that visit or for our next visit. I was speechless. All I could say was “Thank you.” I still think of this man and how his selfless and simple random act of kindness forever impacted 12 Frenchtown staff and nine students.

To this gentleman, wherever he is — thank you for brightening up the lives of so many within our community.

April Lang

SRP Teacher, Frenchtown School