Letter: Addressing sewer issues

To the Editor:

In the midst of the current election campaign in Trumbull, the residents of District 2, and especially those who reside in North Nichols, have expressed their concerns with regard to the ongoing sewer project.

The project, which was to have been completed by now, has experienced both time delays and cost overruns. Just this past year, the Town Council was asked to authorize a multi-million dollar supplemental bonding request toward the completion of the project. The town is currently in litigation with the primary contractor for the project. Meanwhile, the WPCA has changed the way that fees for water usage are calculated; residents are now required to pay a sewer use fee based upon year-round water consumption, even though in many cases — such as pools, lawn maintenance, washing cars, etc. — such water does not enter the sewer system.

The Democratic Party platform reflects the concerns of Trumbull residents in this matter. These are our goals:

• A WPCA comprised of members elected by the people of Trumbull, rather than by appointment;

• A full forensic audit of the North Nichols project, and a full financial and operational audit of the WPCA;

• Implementation of a more fair and equitable system to determine usage fees;

• No entering into a regional sewer system, unless approved by a town-wide referendum;

• A WPCA which conducts business in an open manner, rather than behind closed doors.

On Election Day, we ask for the support of Trumbull citizens so that we can implement these goals, and give people what they deserve from their leaders — fairness, openness, and respect.

Thomas Christiano, Town Council candidate, District 2

Fred Palmieri, Jr., Town Council candidate, District 2

Charles Pitcher, Town Council candidate, District 2

Thomas Whitmoyer, Town Council candidate, District 2