Letter — A vote for Republicans is a vote for progress

Matt Caron — Trumbull RTC photo
Matt Caron — Trumbull RTC photo

On Tuesday November 6 the voters of Trumbull will head to the polls for a very important midterm election. And while it may be easy to sympathize with those suffering from election fatigue, this is an election that is much too important to overlook and not vote.

This election affords the voters of Trumbull, and Connecticut as a whole, the real opportunity to change our state’s current trend of decline into a trajectory of progress. Our local Republican House Representatives (Rutigliano-123rd, Devlin-134th, and McGorty, 122nd) have been fighting to make this progress a reality for years, only to be met with continuous resistance and vetoes from Gov. Malloy and the Connecticut Democrats who say they are all for “working together,” yet whose actions say otherwise.

Connecticut needs the conservative principles of a predictable and dependable economy in order to reduce our tax burden, retain businesses, while keeping jobs and families in our great state.  

While on the other hand, the Democratic slate of candidates have stood by in support of Gov. Malloy as he brought upon the two largest tax increases in our state’s history without any increase to services. Additionally, the Democratic candidates share in their party’s beliefs which do nothing to actually address the policies and issues that will bring any impactful change to the state’s current trend, such as expanding voter rights without identifying who these rights would be expanded to; view increasing the minimum wage to at least $15 per hour as a catalyst for long term job growth; and see the installation of 70+ tolls a must while increasing our gas tax.

The repeated shovels of burden heaped onto the backs of Connecticut residents has caused many to leave, while the uncertainty of our state’s financial future has alarmed several of our largest taxpayers enough to seek other locations to further develop and expand. Taking with them future jobs and revenue to both the state and local municipalities.  

Friends enough is enough. The time for change is now! I ask that you join me in voting Row B on November 6 by choosing the leadership of our Republican slate of candidates – Rep. Dave Rutigliano, Rep. Laura Devlin, Rep. Ben McGorty, Senate candidate Rich Deecken (22nd), and Judge of Probate Hon. T.R. Rowe – for a better, brighter, and more stable Connecticut.

Matt Caron, chairman

Trumbull Republicans