Letter — A voice for Connecticut’s future

Trumbull resident Sujata Gadkar-Wilcox offers a new approach to government and is running for our state representative in the 123rd District.

Sujata teaches constitutional law and human rights at Quinnipiac University and is a mother experiencing our education system at personal and professional levels. She is the most qualified candidate to interpret and legislate CT law to appear on our slate in a long time and has no political obligations to unduly influence her decisions.

The moment I met Sujata I saw her extraordinary qualities. With a deep understanding of what our constitution means to our civil liberties and concrete plans for tax reform and building infrastructure, I’ve also watched her connect with people who hold different views from her own and she does this every day.

Responsibility for our tax burdens pre-dates current state leadership. We are in recovery from Rowland-Rell era spending which left more than $2.4 million in hard debt, emptied our $1.4 billion rainy day fund, and incurred a $1 billion economic recovery note. Under the current administration the 9.3% unemployment rate in 2010 fell to 4.4% by 2018 and long-term commitments with United Technologies, Cigna, ESPN, Sikorsky and Electric Boat were secured while GE exited, removed from the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Since 2013, our current representative voted “no” to: legislation increasing the minimum wage, establishment of secure ammunition and firearms enforcement, early and absentee voting, prohibiting discrimination against unemployed applicants, requiring certain hospitals and universities to pay property tax and amending eligibility requirements for in-state tuition, among others.

Sujata, on the other hand, shares my vision for Trumbull: ensuring a decent standard of living for everyone, protecting our citizens from injury, assisting the eligible to vote, ensuring that the wealthiest and privileged pay their fair share and promoting access to education in order to maximize the potential of our young peoples. She is a fearless constitutional expert committed to improving our state and will be an ethical voice for us in Hartford. Her determination to change the climate of contest to the climate of common ground has my vote in November.

Janet Epstein