To the Editor:

As we wrap up another school year, I like to ask my children, just beginning their TPS education, about their favorite activities of the school year. In addition to their teachers and various class assignments, here are a few of the things they mentioned:

  • Holiday celebrations sponsored by the PTAs and Father’s Clubs, which gave them a chance to celebrate with their friends outside of class.

  • Recognition and awards for their progress in reading and math skills programs, which kept them motivated to try harder.

  • Celebration of the Arts at Daniels Farm School, which inspired them to become artists themselves.

  • After school enrichment courses, which helped them foster a talent and passion.

  • Visits from local authors and artists, who got them excited about their own creativity.

  • Jump Rope for Heart, a fundraiser for the American Heart Association, which taught them about helping others.

  • The town-wide kids marathon, which just wrapped up this weekend, which motivated them to stay healthy.

Can you guess what all of these things have in common? They are all EXTRAs: created, designed, executed, and funded by PTA parent volunteers and teachers who spent EXTRA of their own, personal time, money, and energy to inspire, encourage, and support our children.

This is an important time of year to remember to thank all of the people in Trumbull who put in EXTRA time, EXTRA money, EXTRA effort and dedication, and EXTRA love into raising a generation who will hopefully do a little something EXTRA themselves to support our community.
Jennifer M. Record