Letter: A day late and a dollar short

To the Editor:

My mom used to say “you're a day late and a dollar short.” It took me a while to get it as a child, but as I got older it began to make sense. I am now known for looking at the worst possible case for everything before I move forward.

Last week, in Hartford, we were hit with the worst possible case. I really didn’t think anyone in Hartford was truly that self-destructive to pull it off, but they did. And I wish I could say I was shocked, but I wasn’t. I was extremely disappointed, but not at all shocked.

What shocked me was the reaction of so many people after the fact.

I listened to rants, to complaints, to predictions of doom and gloom and yet these same people never said a word leading up to this point. I was disappointed and I was dismayed. I wanted to scream at all of them: “Did you call your Representatives? Did you email them; the committees, the Governor?” I wanted to ask them if they made the ride to Hartford to testify in front of these committees and make them understand that what they were about to do would, in their opinion, (fill in the blank)?
The Democratic Legislature and the Governor of Connecticut all just played chicken with you and you lost. As you stood in the middle of the road, like so many possums before you and thought, “They will never go through with it,” they did and you were left in the wake like nothing more than a stain on the road.

This entire debacle is nothing but cascading dominos and the voters have no one to blame but themselves. Whether you cast a vote for this Governor and his party affiliates or you did not vote at all, you are responsible. But, it all started at the Democrats Convention. Your local parties voted to nominate this man; the man that lied to you four years before, the man that gave you the largest tax increase in history and made it retro-active, the man who made deals with the teachers unions and broke them, your local delegation voted to put this man back in the driver seat to do it to you all over again. Only this time, it’s not just money out of your pockets.

When your local delegation and the voter somehow decided it was a good idea to keep this man where he was, they proved they are willing to put your town, your home, your job and your child's education on the line for the sake of party. That the company you work for is acceptable collateral damage. That you are an acceptable part of collateral damage. And, if they are content with that outcome at the state level, imagine what they will do locally.
So I ask you; come November are you going to be the stain in the road or are you going to take a hold of the wheel?

Cindy Penkoff
Town Council, District 2