Letter: A dangerous trend at neighborhood stop sign

To the Editor:

Recently, I did a little experiment in my neighborhood, watching the driving habits of people nearing a four way intersection with stop signs. Here’s what I found: In a time span of one hour there were 27 cars that came to the intersection; eight went completely past the stop sign, 14 came to a rolling stop, and five to a full stop. Of the eight that went through the stop sign three people were on their phones and four were texting. Seven of the eight people who passed the stop sign were either on the phone or texting! Of the fourteen with a rolling stop, six were either on the phone or texting.

So, do the math. Of the twenty seven cars, 30% went through the stop sign. Of the eight that went through the stop sign, 38% were on their phones and 50% were texting. A combined 88% of those cars that had passed the stop sign had people who were driving distracted. They behaved selfishly, with depraved indifference, as if the laws did not apply to them — just another indication of moral decay in an increasingly narcissistic and entitled society.

Talking and texting while driving is a public health issue for sure. Someone in our town is going to die, caused by those who are driven to distraction. What innocent child, adult or family will suffer?

Who will it be?

David Weitzman