Letter: A community called Trumbull

To the Editor:

I attended the second annual reading of the Declaration of Independence July 4 on the town hall lawn. It was sponsored and planned by the Ladies of Liberty, headed by Pam Discko. I didn’t even know of the event last year, and many others did not as well. This year there were about 200 in attendance. Most from town, some from surrounding towns. It was a great event.

As I wandered, greeted attendees and watched people, the following thoughts struck me and I chose to share them.

Several years ago Trumbull was named as seventh best in the country to raise a family and most recently as the Number 1 booming suburb in Connecticut. I believe it is events like this that help contribute to our standings. They say who we are. We are a community called Trumbull.

Although we may not always agree, today we celebrated together. Because we are a community called Trumbull.

We extend our hands in welcome, friendship and in assistance, because we are a community called Trumbull.

If you should need a shoulder to lean on or to lift you up, all you need to do is gaze around, because we are a community called Trumbull.

We care about our children, our seniors and our environment as well as the future of all three, because we are a community called Trumbull.

So today and every day I hope you stand a little taller with the pride of knowing, you are part of a community called Trumbull.

Cindy Penkoff