Letter: A Republican for Reale

To the Editor:

In an election season, when the voter’s choice of candidates seems to be more the lesser of two evils, one candidate refreshingly stands out.

Probate Judge candidate, attorney Matt Reale. As a Republican who will be voting her roots, I will, however, proudly cross the party line and vote for Matt Reale for Probate Judge.

The outstanding difference between Matt Reale and his honorable opponent, T.R. Rowe, is experience. I know both men. Both are community minded family men. However, Matt possesses the probate court experience which T.R. lacks. In addition,

• Matt has owned his own law firm for 25 years; and for 25 years has served his clients in all areas of probate law. T.R. is an insurance attorney.

• Matt has taught at Sacred Heart University for 14 years.

• Matt has chaired and served on numerous volunteer community boards, including The McGivney Children’s Center, and most recently as the newest member of The Center for Family Justice.

• Matt also serves on the board of The Dan Orlovsky Foundation and is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Cancer Support Community.

• Finally, Matt serves on the Board of Directors of the Bar Association.

Matt Reale’s probate court knowledge is comprehensive, extending over 25 years. Why select a candidate who is learning on-the-job, when we can have a Judge of Probate who already knows the job?!

This Republican supports Matt Reale for Judge of Probate.

Carol Hudak