Letter: 40 Days of Life celebrated in the area

To the Editor:

Wednesday, Sept. 24, was the first day of 40 Days For Life, the national campaign to end abortion in America through prayer, fasting, charitable outreach and public witness. It will be observed in about 300 cities across the country this month.

In Connecticut, 40 Days For Life is taking place in Bridgeport, Hartford and Norwich. On the morning of the first day, at the Summit abortion facility on Main Street in Bridgeport, Episcopal, Anglican, Lutheran, Catholic, Orthodox, and Evangelical clergy, joined by representatives of Operation Save America, Hopeline and the Family Institute of Connecticut, blessed this Commitment to Life and prayed that our nation be spared the scourge of abortion. People in attendance commented that the speaker’s messages were so uplifting they should have been recorded to be heard again and again.

In the evening, Bishop Frank Caggiano prayed a rosary at the Prayer Vigil. He promised the 70 people gathered there that abortion would be ended in our country, because a nation cannot survive that allows their children to be killed. At 5:30, the Bishop looked tired. After a long day, he graciously greeted people individually, thanking them for their commitment to life and then he sincerely prayed. He left to bestow the sacrament of Confirmation to young people in Stamford. The next morning he said Mass with students of St. Catherine of Siena School in Trumbull, where he told them in his homily that Jesus promised “when you are tired and when you face your greatest problems, I will be there with you.”

When we are tired, we will remember the message of our Bishop and the eloquent witness of our brethren clergy of other faiths. The issue of protecting the unborn is the defining issue of this generation; willful blindness and weariness are not excuses. For these 40 days we invite you to pray for the unborn children and for the parents who created them, to fast and abstain, to give generously to people in need and to bear public witness of your commitment to life.

More information about 40 Days For Life - Bridgeport can be found at http://bpt40dfl.wordpress.com/

George Meagher