To the Editor:

For the last few months I have spent quite a bit of time going door-to-door with my husband, Doug Sutherland, who is running for State Representative in the 123rd District. In the process, we have visited many wonderful corners of our town. Although we have enjoyed catching up with old friends as well as meeting many new ones, we have encountered a rather troubling situation on many of the streets and roads in Trumbull.

As we have walked on Nichols Avenue, Booth Hill Road, Unity Road, Daniels Farm Road, Main Street, and Madison Avenue — just to name a few — many residents have expressed their concerns about people driving too fast on our local streets. As Doug and I walk on these streets (many of which do not have sidewalks), we can attest that their concerns are valid and need to be seriously addressed.

We all treasure the fact that Trumbull has a “country” feel to it, but we must remember that these local roads are actually lined with family residences. These families and their children deserve to live in a safe neighborhood. As a caring community, we should all make an effort to ensure this. So, as a mom, a teacher, and a Trumbull resident, I’m asking all of you to help keep our community safe by driving slowly and adhering to the posted speed limits. You may arrive at your destination a couple of minutes later, but you may also prevent a tragedy.

Terry Sutherland