LETTER: Trumbull Center has no identity

Trumbull Center. Where is it? How do you get there? What's it near? What's it like?

Trumbull Center started out back in the 1950s, when they wanted to "modernize the shopping experience" and it became a series of strip-mall-shops, mostly catering to service and convenience stores.

The Grand Union showed up and was the "new supermarket way to shop," bringing Trumbull out of its bucolic and countrified little hamlet and into the future.

Trumbull Center grew with more-of-the-same, service and convenience stores. Across the street, and for sure a car ride away Nydens (remember Nydens?) opened up a family department store. That too was short-lived. Nydens evaporated.

Trumbull Center, with its strip-stores scattered on both sides of White Plains Road, made it impossible to walk and shop. Trumbull, one of the first suburbam towns that wanted to "modernize," became entrenched in its own time warp.

Trumbull Center has no identity — never did.

Porricelli's closing, I hate to see good businesses and good people lose their business. It entails so much personal and emotional loss. Closing your business isn't a quick decision and certainly not an easy one. The impact is enormous.

The Porricelli family has lost much with the closing of all their stores. The economics of the time are dictating what's next for all of us. So many have written in other articles/publications/blogs about why they closed. Everyone has an opinion and most have no "skin in the game." So if you have a real solution to the problems at Trumbull Center contact the owners privately. Otherwise don't criticize and tell others what to do with their business/finances.

Town politics and the administration, no matter who is in charge, have all the mechanisms in place, including Economic Development. But unless the owners contact the town for assistance and help with future Planning and Zoning, little can be done. This is still a free market with private ownership. And if I'm not mistaken the owners pay the taxes.

Quite frankly I am scared by the "thinking" that I am reading almost everywhere and that Porricelli's closing has put into a clear focus. Written comments like: "owners should tell us what their plans are," "call Tim Herbst for immediate action," and "Planning and Zoning must demand answers from the owners."

Another suggested that if the zoning permits building-up and having more space to rent only the owners will reap financial rewards. Sounds like socialism. Is redistribution of wealth and property next?

Welcome to class-warfare in small part from the citizens of Trumbull who want what they want and know what's good for them on somebody else's dime. The closing of Porricelli's is bigger news than you think.