LETTER: Town finally addresses Stern Village problems

I am pleased to see the Town of Trumbull is finally taking action to address problems at Stern Village. I am a long time resident of Stern Village. During the hurricane, I was one of the resident volunteers who was cooking food for the other residents.

While we have seen many problems concerning the response to the hurricane from the housing authority and the executive director, there are other problems that need to be addressed by the new housing authority.

When I moved into Stern Village and my rent calculations were provided to me by management, I was not provided with a formula as to how the actual number was calculated. I was given a response that this was standard operating procedure.

Two years later, I have discovered that I have been overcharged in rent to the tune of $9,600 and I have not been reimbursed yet. Earlier this year, management notified me that they were raising my rent because I was not using as much for medical expenses and therefore I had more money to pay in rent.

I really think the new housing authority should hire an outside auditing firm to come in and determine what procedures are in place to calculate these rents and determine if the residents are being unfairly charged. I know my situation is probably one of many examples.

Management also discourages anyone from arranging and scheduling group activities for the seniors at Stern Village. Finally, the executive director had everyone at Stern Village sign a paper that stated we cannot buy any other cable service but Charter Communications. Why a monopoly? Why can't I see if I can get a better price from AT&T U-Verse and save some money?

There are a lot of problems that need to be addressed. I am happy to see changes being made and I hope the new housing authority members will listen to all of the seniors at Stern Village and address our concerns.