LETTER: The 'Sheriff of Dodge' is at it again

Trumbull First Selectman Tim Herbst is at it again. The Sheriff of Dodge has engaged in yet another shootout; this one at Stern Village.

It includes incendiary, libelous and uncalled-for attacks against Commissioner Judi Stern and Sen. Anthony Musto. Along with this has come the firing of Director Harry Wise.

Sen. Musto has called for a public apology from the first selectman. Clearly the senator is an optimist.

OK, Mr. Herbst, let's get to the bottom of this: Tell us who you have lined up to run Stern Village. Because that's what I believe this is all about.

Do you have a friend or family member (or loyal GOP member) who needs a job? Does Tighe & Bond need more money from the town? Perhaps you are indebted to someone for their political support? All sorts of possibilities come to mind. Who knows? Maybe Linda McMahon wants a career change.

Why else suddenly dismantle a well-run machine, like Stern Village?

Something's afoot.

Tim, as I watch you engage in these battles around town, I have begun to realize that your strong, confrontational style would be an asset in a courtroom as a criminal prosecutor.

The most vulnerable among us, our children, need lawyers who will not make deals with rapists and abusers. I believe you could make a stellar contribution as a United States prosecutor. That's a venue where an abrasive style is a plus. Think about it.

In the meantime, the GOP takeover is an egregious misuse of power. It is unnecessary and should wake up every citizen in this town. Tell us, oh GOP, how many hand picked Republicans are now on this five-member commisison?

This need to exert absolute control is frightening. It is also demeaning to the residents of Stern Village. It is the bullying of a more-vulnerable population.

It is also a warning to the rest of the town. Maybe you do not live in Stern Village, so you are not concerned. I say, be very concerned.

A bully in one part of town is a bully all over town. Look at the gerrymandered voting districts. Look at representation on all of Trumbull's boards and commissions. Maybe that will wake you up. And watch out. You may just be the next casualty.

The residents of Stern Village deserve far better than this.

Shame on you, Mr. Herbst, and the rest of your sorry gang. And a big thumbs-down to Trumbull Democrats — where are you?