LETTER: Stern Village management 'nothing but good to us'

Because of the ego and power hunger of one man, First Selectman Timothy Herbst, the residents of Stern Village are losing the best Board of Directors we ever had.

Judi Stern, Ed Coyne, Thelma Burr and Executive Director Harry Wise have been nothing but good to us and protective of us in all the years they have served us. Had we ever had any complaints, we surely would have voiced them. We did not.

We've been completely satisfied in all areas of our lives here in Stern Village. I wish that First Selectman Herbst would take his power trip to another destination and not try to fix something that is not broken.

I agree with State Senator Anthony Musto, who's also been ousted, that First Selectman Herbst should apologize for his outrageous actions and allegations. However, if indeed elephants fly and he has a change of heart and he wants to do something kind for the residents of Stern Village, he would, by all means, reinstate our board and return our peace and security which he has pulled right from under us. At this point we feel violated.

Last year First Selectman Herbst was considering locating a building on property in the front of our complex. That meant traffic from workers and visitors. We were terrified that an ambulace might be delayed because of the traffic and one of us would die waiting. Is that the safety he was talking about? What was he thinking? What does he have against the elderly?

If one of my grown children were to deliberately hurt a senior citizen in any way, I would be ashamed of him. I feel sorry for First Selectman Herbst's mother, because her son is hurting not one, but hundreds of seniors by replacing our board. He is a traitor to all who voted for him and trusted him.