LETTER: Porricelli's will be missed

I know I speak for many Trumbull residents when I say how very saddened I am to see Porricelli's Market suddenly close its doors in Trumbull Center. This is a loss for our whole community.

I thank the owners, the Porricelli family, and the excellent, knowledgeable, first-rate employees for making it always a pleasure to shop in your store.

I believe one mark of a well-run business is the dedication of its employees. Yours were top notch: Joe, Peter, Tony, Gen, Mike and so many others. Your employee turnover was low, which again, is the mark of a well run business. Your store was professional, but maintained a family atmosphere. You truly will be missed.

Whatever the reasons for your closing your doors so suddenly, I want to take the owners of Trumbull Center to task (in part) for your leaving. Yes, I do not know why this happened and why it happened the way it did.

However, many of us in Trumbull are not blind. We have watched the decay of Trumbull Center for several years. In addition to being a first-rate supermarket which Trumbull Center needed, Porricelli's was an anchor store in the center. I am certain the smaller businesses there will also suffer from the absence of Porricelli's.

Shame on you, Trumbull Center owners, for not working harder to keep Porricelli's and for not aggressively "wooing" good businesses to the center. I do know your rents are extremely high.

I believe the owners of Trumbull Center owe it to the residents of Trumbull to disclose their plans for the center. In the past year I have seen them put money into "cosmetic" roofs. Personally, I see little improvement.

What I have seen is businesses closing, some moving. Perhaps the owners are forcing businesses out. I can only guess, as plans for the center remain a mystery. Town leaders must demand answers from Trumbull Center owners. Put your Republican vs. Democrat differences aside and start talking! Enough already — for once, start thinking about the good of the town.

The Trumbull Planning & Zoning Commission, steeped in politics and short-sightedness, has approved mixed zoning. Translated, that means apartments over dry cleaners. Is this what we have to look forward to in the center? Families living above restaurants with their kids playing ball in the parking lot? I guess Trumbull's P&Z have never visited the lower east side of New York. I'm told P&Z actually calls this look upscale.

They must believe we're blind. Their trendy plan is taking us backwards — only owners will reap financial rewards from this extremely bad decision.

Good-bye to you, Porricelli's. You will be missed!!

And, yet again, Trumbull residents lose. Big time.