LETTER: Herbst stood up for seniors at Stern Village

As a resident of Stern Village, I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank First Selectman Timothy Herbst, as well as the Emergency Management Team and the fire marshal, for taking action to address the very serious problems associated with the management of Stern Village. The reports from the emergency responders clearly reflect a lack of concern for the senior residents of Stern Village. Rather than discuss the very serious issues at hand, the board's former attorney, state Sen. Anthony Musto, as well as others with political agendas, are more focused on personal attacks rather than explaining their actions on very serious issues.

I know dozens of residents who for the last several years have been afraid to speak up, out of fear of reprisal and retribution from the management of Stern Village and the Trumbull Housing Authority. I was also one of those residents until recently. Seeing our first selectman take action to protect our health, safety and well-being gave me the courage to speak up and speak out. The executive director of the authority has abused the elderly people who live here for the nearly eight years I have been a resident.

If the executive director, Mr. Wise, says the sky is black on a clear day when the sky is blue, by God, if you do not agree with him, he yells, screams and flails his arms. His face becomes a scarlet burgundy, with his veins sticking out. He also constantly threatens residents with eviction.

Some of us have been subject to theft in the congregate. All we are told to do is report the incident or "document it." Nothing is ever done to address the problem. Last year, we had a stabbing at Stern Village, where a non-resident was residing in someone else's unit. The person was charged with attempted murder, among other crimes. This incident was the direct result of management not properly enforcing the lease agreements and evicting those that really deserve to be removed — those that harbor criminals! As a senior citizen, what is also concerning to me is that in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy a deceased person found at Stern Village was misidentified because the lists of residents had not been updated in six months.

This is what Sen. Musto calls doing a good job? It is about time that someone in the town's government had the courage to stand up for the senior residents of Stern Village. Thank you, Mr. Herbst, and thanks to the emergency responders for stepping in to protect us.