LETTER: Herbst has disrupted Stern Village tranquility

The actions of First Selectman Timothy Herbst, disrupted the peace and tranquility of our quiet village. They were simply appalling.

That Herbst viciously maligned and defamed commissioners, Attorney Musto, and Mr. Harry Wise, to advance his own political ambitions is utterly shameful.

For Herbst to claim the regularly scheduled THA meeting was "secretly and illegally held" is an outright lie. Notice was posted 12 months earlier at the THA office. For him to say because it was not noticed in the Town Clerk's Office and on the town's web site that it was secret is a stretch.

How does Herbst explain that Gail Hanna did not protest that the meeting was illegal? After all, having served on the Charter Revision Commission, didn't Hanna have a responsibility to notify the commission of the new requirement? How is it she is able to profit from her own actions?

The secret special meeting Herbst held three days later was not properly noticed at the office of the THA at Stern Village. Herbst appointed Russ Friedson to replace Robert Marconi before Marconi's term expired. Therefore, for the lack of a quorum, the vote to fire Attorney Musto is null and void.

Also, Herbst failed to give notice to Mr. Coyne, Mrs. Thelma Burr or Mr. Marconi, nor did he notify Mr. Harry Wise. In addition, the meeting was held secretively, at Town Hall in the first selectman's conference room.

Much was made of a current list of tenants, another straw man. Every unit has the name of the tenant(s) on their mail box. It is none of the first selectman's business to know the whereabouts of any town resident.

Herbst implying lack of a current list is poor management is pretty dumb. The bookkeeper has such a list; it is called a ledger in which rent payments are recorded. This accusation is nothing more than a tempest in a teapot, another straw argument.

The role of the THA Board of Commissioners and the executive director is to manage the properties under state rules. The state owns the property, not the town.

Mrs. Leone may well be disappointed that commissioners deal mainly with specs for bids on paving, drainage, roofing, windows, generators and other hardware issues and then analyzing the bids to award work to a qualified low bidder. If she thinks that being a THA Commissioner is all schmoozing and hugging the "precious," in her words, seniors she'll be surprised.

Since Mr. Wise came, the finances, buildings and operations have been in top shape, while rents remained low, and maintenance projects were done on time and within budget.

At any large rental facility, some tenants will be disappointed with whoever the manager is. However, if better than 50% of the tenants like the manager, then that is a good manager. Well, in gathering petitions to have the First Selectman re-appoint Judith Stern, the score was a whopping 70 to 2.