Herbst — Hold onto your wallet if Tesoro wins

First Selectman Tim Herbst
First Selectman Tim Herbst

In less than one month, Trumbull voters will elect a new First Selectman. I wish to speak directly to the consequences of electing the Democratic nominee, Vicki Tesoro. Let me start by saying that I respect Mrs. Tesoro’s years of community service to Trumbull. Trumbull voters need to understand that elections have consequences. If Mrs. Tesoro is elected on November 7 hold onto your wallets Trumbull.

During the course of this campaign, Mrs. Tesoro has found her value system in polls and focus groups, hoping the people of Trumbull have poor memories as she tries to ride out the clock and continue to duck debates with Republican Paul Lavoie and Independent Michael Redgate. Mrs. Tesoro talks a good game, but her rhetoric doesn’t match her record. Mrs. Tesoro has said that she will hold the line on spending and taxes. As a PTA President, Mrs. Tesoro advocated for budgets that increased taxes 54% in the eight years preceding my term. She talks about reigning in spending as she hopes voters forget how she championed a $73 million high school renovation — without a referendum. She talks about more citizen participation in our government yet opposed Charter Revisions passed by the voters that now give residents more direct say over the Town budget and Town bonding. She claims she will reign in town legal fees at the same time she actively encouraged her supporters to sue the Town - -resulting in a Superior Court Judge dismissing their political complaint after thousands of taxpayer dollars have been wasted.

Mrs. Tesoro purports to be the candidate of education. She has volunteered in our schools and been a member of TPAUD, an organization dedicated to curbing underage drinking. How does she reconcile this with the fact that she has given the maximum contribution to a candidate for Governor that wants to legalize recreational marijuana at a time when we have an opioid epidemic in Connecticut? Why hasn’t Mrs. Tesoro taken a public position as to the consequences of Governor Malloy’s $3 million cut to the Trumbull Public School System? Mr. Lavoie has spoken out. Mr. Redgate has spoken out. Mrs. Tesoro has not. The bipartisan budget recently adopted and vetoed by Governor Malloy would have restored Trumbull’s education funding. Why didn’t Mrs. Tesoro call for Governor Malloy to sign the bipartisan budget? The answer is rather simple. Mrs. Tesoro would rather have the political support of Governor Malloy to win an election than do what is right for the children of our school system. The loss of $3,000,000 in educational aid will adversely harm teaching, learning and children.

Facts are stubborn things and what we have here is a pattern of a candidate who says one thing and does another in the name of winning an election. Trumbull voters need to understand that elections have consequences. We don’t need a First Selectman who will do to Trumbull what Dan Malloy has done to Connecticut. That’s what the people of Trumbull will get with Mrs. Tesoro.