GOP leaders — Reject mudslinging, support Herbst

Under the leadership of Tim Herbst as First Selectman of Trumbull, our town and the Republican Party thrived. Tim’s tenure in office saw a town on the brink of fiscal collapse transformed into one of the most prosperous and sought-after communities in Connecticut.

The turnaround Tim Herbst led as first selectman in Trumbull was nothing short of remarkable. When Tim took office, he was faced with a fundamentally broken pension system funded at just 27 percent and a town reeling from successive tax hikes. Tim took swift action and led-by-example. He eliminated free health care for political appointees, starting with the first selectman, he refused a town pension and moved all his departments heads to a defined contribution plan, he found $1 million of operational savings within his first months in office and he renegotiated nine labor agreements to tackle the town’s pension crisis.

Once the town was on solid financial footing, Tim, working with the Town Council and Board of Finance, delivered Trumbull residents two tax cuts.

Tim’s bold action paid off and the town’s credit rating was upgraded, the commercial economy grew all eight years he was in office and Trumbull earned the distinction as the number one booming suburb in the state.

But Tim’s leadership didn’t stop at tackling the town’s fiscal crisis. Tim threw everything he had into making Trumbull a better place to live, work and raise a family – across every metric.

Tim worked collaboratively with town boards and local leaders to invest in our schools, leading the Trumbull School system to be recognized as one of the strongest in the state and even the nation.

Tim Herbst’s leadership made Trumbull more prosperous, more fiscally sound and strengthened our community. We are proud to stand with him and support his campaign to save the State of Connecticut with the same sort of vision, grit, determination and leadership he employed every day to make Trumbull a stronger and more prosperous community.

We urge Republican voters to reject the petty and desperate mud-slinging from Tim’s opponents. We know that Tim’s work ethic, passion, guts and vision make him the strongest Republican candidate for Governor.

Please join us in supporting proven reformer and Hartford outsider Tim Herbst in the Republican Primary for Governor this coming Tuesday August 14.

Editor’s Note — This letter was signed by 24 current and former Trumbull elected and Republican Party officials.

GOP State Committee member Carl Massaro

RTC Chairman Matthew Caron

Former First Selectman Ken Halaby

State Rep. Ben McGorty

Town Clerk Sue Burr Monaco

Town Council: Massaro, Edna Colucci, Paul Verbitsky, Donna Seidell, Lori Rosasco-Schwartz;

Former RTC Chairman Vincent Fuimara

Board of Finance: Elaine Hammers, William Haberlain, Steve Choi, Scott Zimov

Board of Education: Jackie Norcel, Marie Petitti

Planning & Zoning: David Preusch, Larry LaConte Sr.

Former Town Council members: Joe Pifko, Mark Block, Tony Scinto, Jeff Donofrio, Rick Costantini, Ken Martin Sr.,