GOP chairman thanks Trumbull voters

Each year, we can count on two things – there will be an election and every election will be unique and different. The 2018 election was no exception – especially in Trumbull. Trumbull voters raised their collective voice loud and clear – the on-going Democratic policies of raising taxes, implementing tolls and taking care of special interest groups had to come to an end. Of the 12 candidates on the ballot in Trumbull on November 6, Trumbull voters enthusiastically supported the Republican candidates in 10 of the races – in the other two, the Democratic candidates won by a slim margin.

Trumbull voters are savvy – they recognize that Connecticut needs bold, strong leadership and we are proud to have David Rutigliano, Laura Devlin and Ben McGorty back in Hartford, fighting for Trumbull’s priorities and values at the state level.

While we are disappointed that a few candidates supported by Trumbull voters did not win their races, we hold optimism for Governor-Elect Lamont and hope he puts into action his words of reaching across the aisle to work together to solve Connecticut’s problems. We know that our Republican representatives will continue to work hard to protect Trumbull, support our education system, fight against tax increases and continue to bring common sense leadership to our state. We hope our voices will be heard in Hartford and our quality of life in Trumbull is preserved and enhanced.

The Trumbull Republicans want to thank all who came out to cast their vote and help make this election’s turnout one of the largest Trumbull has ever seen. While polls were busy, lines moved and all who wanted to cast their ballot were able to do so in a smooth and orderly way. Between your votes, and the conversations we had with many of you throughout this campaign cycle, Trumbull Republicans head into our 2019 municipal elections with a positive feeling that our values are aligned, and our enthusiasm is extending across town.

Trumbull Republicans will continue to promote and protect Trumbull’s values of fiscal responsibility while providing a top-notch education system, dependable infrastructure, outstanding parks and recreational opportunities and maintaining an outstanding community to live, regardless of age.

If you are passionate about making Trumbull an even better community of choice and have ideas or questions to share, we’d love to have you join us! Please visit, or email for more information on upcoming meetings and events. No party affiliation is required to attend, just an open and respectful mind, and a heart to serve our great town. We look forward to meeting you!

Matt Caron, chairman

Trumbull Republicans