Former principal backs Deecken for senate

Jacqueline Norcel — Trumbull GOP photo
Jacqueline Norcel — Trumbull GOP photo

It is a pleasure both personally and professionally to endorse the candidacy of Rich Deecken for the state Senate seat in the 22nd District.

Rich is a Bridgeport tenured social studies department chair at Bassick High School. He is a Trumbull resident and a father. He served his community on Trumbull’s Planning and Zoning Commission. I have known and worked with Rich since 2017 when I retired and became more civically active in my community and political party.

Rich became a teacher to make the world a better place and now he would like a chance to do that in the political arena. He is attuned to the problems and issues in public education. He will work for legislation to provide comprehensive mandate relief.

Rich is optimistic and has a positive mindset. His performance is not affected when performing in stressful situations when views are challenged, when critical questions are asked or when pressures of time exist. He is organized, committed and receptive to suggestions and innovative ideas.

Just as he involves his students in their learning he would do the same with his constituents. Rich is aware of and understands the needs and issues of Bridgeport and Trumbull/Monroe. He is eager to represent the needs and interests of both communities. Both communities would be fortunate to have him represent them.

Join me in voting for Rich Deecken as our state Senator on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Jacqueline J. Norcel (R)

Trumbull Board of Education