Former first selectman backs Devlin for 134th

Tim Herbst — photo
Tim Herbst — photo

With Election Day fast approaching, I reflect upon the words of the late US Speaker of the House, Tip O’Neill, who once said “all politics are local.”  It’s all about the fundamentals. Listening to your constituents. Showing them responsiveness. Getting results. Being a true reflection of your district.

These words define State Rep. Laura Devlin. I genuinely and wholeheartedly support her re-election in the 134th District. I am proud to call her my State Representative and I ask all of my fellow Trumbullites to join me in supporting this outstanding public servant.

During my time as First Selectman, Laura was always responsive and worked so hard on behalf of Trumbull. She required no on-the-job training. She hit the ground running.

Laura opposed harmful education cuts proposed by Governor Malloy and his cohorts which would have crippled Trumbull’s Public Schools. She has opposed state budgets that would raise our taxes.

More specifically, Laura has been a role model for women. She understands that actions speak louder than words. Laura has worked to strengthen laws for victims of domestic violence. She has protected critical health benefits for women. She has been a leader on the Transportation Committee in recognizing that our infrastructure must be addressed, and not on the backs of taxpayers with congestion pricing and tolling.

Contrast this record of proven accomplishment with that of her opponent.

Before her opponent even attended her first meeting as a Town Council representative, she formed a campaign committee to run for State Representative. One of her first official votes, along party line, repealed ordinances that we passed during my administration to stop conflicts of interest and double dipping with pensions.

By voting to repeal these two key ordinances, she in essence allowed the current Town Attorney to collect his pension plus his salary. She voted to repeal another ordinance which now allows a former First Selectman, who is also a retired police officer, to serve on the Police Pension Board and make investment and other critical decisions that will directly impact the pension that he is receiving as a beneficiary.

Because her day job is that of a hired political operative for various left leaning public officials across Connecticut, other votes she has faced on the Town Council have been met with abstention, in fear that actually taking a position and defending it could hurt her at the ballot box. When you’re a political operative instead of a public servant, you think about the next election, instead of the next generation.

We do not need a State Representative who by virtue of her conduct has demonstrated that she has no interest in representing Trumbull at the local level. Laura wants to represent Trumbull. She has proven an ability to serve Trumbull. She has gotten the job done for Trumbull. And for these reasons, I am asking all of my fellow Trumbullites from Lower Long Hill to get out and vote for Laura Devlin for State Representative on November 6.

Timothy M. Herbst