Failing to find something to complain about at Trumbull Public Schools

To the Editor:

The promotion of my daughter to middle school prompted a moment of reflection that I thought I would share. My wife would tell you that I am more apt to complain than praise, but reflection prompts me to praise. Five years ago we moved our children from private into the Trumbull Public Schools. My son entered THS as a tenth grader, and my daughter a first grader at Middlebrook. I was, and remain, alert for opportunities to critique and criticize.

I have failed. I went looking for mediocrity in my children’s teachers and found excellence. I redoubled my efforts looking for shortcomings and I found myself trapped in the wake of people doing their best. I am not a quitter, but looking too hard to complain about people and things diverts support from the children journeying into tomorrow, everyday, with or without our support. I have failed spectacularly in my quest to be a critic while birthing a belief in unconditional support.

We are so pleased with how well our children have been tended. Loved when love was needed and tough when toughness was needed. We are so pleased that the teachers did not settle and offered lessons that mattered and helped our children become better people. While the children may not always recognize the quality of the experience they are having, we as parents do.

Everything hasn’t been perfect and there have been some bumps in the road. Bumps and obstacles were expected but the sights we’ve seen, and the things we have done, have been excellent so far. We have seven more years on this road and look forward to the great things ahead. Just thought it would be nice to stop along the road, and be reminded of the great things we have and have experienced.

Thanks to the teachers and administrators who make the Trumbull Public Schools so great. Thanks, and we will see you on the road.

Patrick McGuigan