FULL TEXT: Hanna letter to Musto

State Senator Anthony Musto

2 Sherman Court

Fairfield, CT 06824

January 8,2013

Dear Senator Musto:

I have had the opportunity to speak to some of my colleagues relative to statements you made in the January 4, 2013 edition of the Trumbull Times. Specifically, several of my colleagues have raised concerns relative to your statements regarding your role in negotiating the terms of a two year contract extension for our current Executive Director, Harry Wise.

The article read in part: "Ms. Stern had no role in the negotiation or drafting of the renewal at all, and I received no comments from her prior to the meeting . . . In fact, I had no discussions with any commissioners prior to the meeting." Anthony Musto, Trumbull Times, January 4,2013, Page 3A

The question that has been raised by my colleagues is if you did not speak to any member of the authority, who then authorized you to renegotiate the terms of Mr. Wise's contract. If the authority approves the contract, the authority also has the responsibility to direct its legal counsel to begin any efforts as they relate to renegotiation.

I cannot recall one meeting of the former authority, of which I was a member, where the authority voted to authorize you to commence negotiations of a two year contract extension for Mr. Wise. Your January 4, 2013 statements raise additional questions as to the correctness of actions taken by the former housing authority at the previous December 14,2012 meeting.

Answering this question is of paramount importance to the Trumbull Housing Authority. Your cooperation in answering the questions articulated above would be greatly appreciated.

Very truly yours,

Gail J. Hanna, Chairwoman

Trumbull Housing Authority

CC: Trumbull Housing Authority Members

Note: The Trumbull Times contacted Musto for comment, and he clarified that the THA had directed him to enter into contract negotiations with Harry Wise's representative. His comment in the Jan. 4 story (and commentary in the same issue) was that the Authority members had no role in negotiating the contract's terms.