Council Democrats: Let the people decide

The May 1 Town Council meeting was packed with residents and information surrounding the proposed Community Center. The resolution before the council was to approve the site of Old Church Hill Road and the conceptual plans for the center. While the resolution appears to be benign, there were many comments from the public, both in email and in person, that the citizens want more say.

The majority party wants you to believe this resolution is just procedural, yet we feel the procedure is flawed. From the onset, we suggested the project go on the November 2016 ballot. A simple question: Are you for or against the construction of a new Community Center? We were shot down by the majority party.

We are not opposed or against a Community Center. We appreciate all of the hard work that volunteers and paid employees have done to get to the point they are today. The architectural renderings are spectacular and we acknowledge the poor conditions of the current Senior Center facility. Most of us attended numerous study forums and left with mixed feelings as the questions and comments did not overwhelmingly support or reject the concept of new construction.

There were 24 speakers at the TC meeting and those for or against the construction were dead even. We strongly believe the entire community should cast a vote to determine if we should proceed with this center. We agree there will never be the perfect location, design and time to meet all the needs of all citizens, however being a Community Center, the community should decide, not 21 elected officials.

As you may already know, there are six town-owned properties out to bid for brokers to market them for the purpose generating revenue to offset the cost of construction. Yet, the State of Connecticut is in a serious financial crisis, which is going to trickle down to Trumbull. This needs to be taken into consideration.

We also learned a request for bid for a contractor went out prior to last night’s meeting to rush the project towards a deadline. Members of the majority party are acting as if the “project is a done deal” and they are not acquiescing to public comment. People are concerned as to how they will continue to afford living Trumbull. If a referendum resulted in a green light for the Community Center the minority party would be behind it and roll up their sleeves to make it the best facility in Fairfield County. Let the people decide!

Bill Mecca District 1

Dawn Cantafio District 2

MaryBeth Thorton District 2

Thomas Whittmoyer District 2

Jason Marsh District 3

Lisa Valenti District 4