Community challenge: Be Kind

As we settle into the spirit of the season, we are reminded of the many times we hustle and bustle by our fellow man and sometimes, oftentimes forget in our sweep across our errand list to stop, reach out and lend an ear to listen to woes, or offer a smile to melt a hardened heart, or a hand to touch and warm those that remain cold and withdrawn from what this world can offer.

This is not only a time to reflect on our own passage of time but also to recognize the world around us and take note on where we can make a difference. Consciously being mindful of those around us and their situation.

With that, the silver bells of the season ring out beckoning us to a higher state of consciousness to reach out and do good for those that need a boost, gentle hug or words of encouragement. Time to spread the color of love not only on our community but globally.

Hence, I set forth this B KIND Challenge to encourage our community to bestow a random act of kindness this holiday season and share their stories of impact with The Trumbull Times so that we can all learn and be inspired. Let’s start that mindset shift today and build a unique story exchange that rebuilds souls, awakens hearts and ultimately illuminates our purpose. For we are a community of people, connected by spirit and passion to make a difference in the lives around us.

Step into taking the B KIND Challenge and find a unique way each day to give of yourself in heart, body, mind and spirit to those around you in providing a random act of kindness and tell us all about it so that we grow with you on this journey called life.

We are souls first, and what a gift it is to align our doing with our being, and align our being with our purpose. We are what Dr. Seuss says “…we stand heart to heart and hand in hand.”

Share your stories with me at and look for a roundup of responses in the coming weeks.

Darby Hobbs