Closing of Ella Grasso Regional Center will negatively impact clients

To the Editor:

I’m hoping that the people at your newspaper will publish this letter in its entirety so that everyone in the State of Connecticut knows; if they haven’t found out already, that the Governor is not only corrupt but plays favorites with our children’s lives.

He wants to close down Ella Grasso Regional Center (EG) in Stratford and move only 19 of the 29 clients to Norwalk to Lower Fairfield County Regional Center (LFC) because the parents group is stronger and is underhandedly working with Malloy and against us. What is going to happen to the 10 leftover clients?

Ella Grasso has more empty beds (49); most of the units that have been closed were done last year and this year. Whereas LFC has only 19 beds available and their units have been closed down for four years. This means the State has to spend money they don’t have to update, clean and check out air quality, air conditioning, heat etc.

Grasso on the other hand has an indoor heated pool which can be used all year round for therapy whereas LFC doesn’t; Grasso is in walking distances of shopping centers, whereas LFC isn’t.

This move will also impact the client’s day programs because it will be farther for them to travel and that means more traffic on the roads.

So this move will cause problems for the clients who have resided at Grasso for at least 20 years, their families, their day programs, the congestion on the roads and the State’s precious budget.

Who’s missing the picture here?

Emilia V. Gilbert

Participant of Ella Grasso Regional Center Parents Group