Another black eye for Trumbull

To the Editor:

Another issue, another conflict another black eye for Trumbull and how it appears from every onlooker.

I am talking about the proposed land deal across from town hall. A property and area that the Plan of Conservation and Development specifically indicated should stay residential. Something some people seemed to conveniently skip over when reading the report. See page 43.

I don’t believe there was ever any threat of a developer coming in and looking to swipe up that property. It wasn’t even on the radar; that is until the town put it there as justification for their wanting to acquire it. Did a resident approach them? I’m sure they did. Why? Because they couldn’t sell their home. Why? I am sure there is a variety of reasons. Is that really the town’s problem? No, because if it was, we have hundreds of foreclosures over the past 5 years they could have had as well. That’s not the town’s job.

Many people spoke at the Town Council meeting on 8/1 and made very good points. But the 2 most important points that were made and ignored were, no one bought into that neighborhood thinking they were ever going to have to look at a parking lot or a community center, which is what most people believe is the reason for the grab. Either one of those entities will not only effect their quality of life but their investment; probably the largest investment they have ever made in their adult lives.

The second is common courtesy. It doesn’t really matter what the statutes say in this instance. What matters is the lack of common courtesy in this matter. The lack of communication, notification and respect. Doing what’s right shouldn’t have to be written in a handbook someplace in order for it to happen. Is that really the image we want to keep showing people, not only in town but from the outside as well?

The fact that people are using this for political posturing on both sides, makes it even worse. These residents don’t care about your pettiness. This is their homes and quite frankly all of you can be out of office with one swipe of the next vote. Is this truly how you choose to be remembered by your neighbors. Because I have to tell you the buzz around town is not pretty for any of you.

So as each side tries to paint the other as the opportunist and the bad guy, please try to remember these are people’s lives you are using to launch your attacks. And for all your ambition and race to the top efforts, your battles in this case could very well have unintentional casualties. How’s that gonna look on the next campaign flier?