Writers wanted: Times seeks freelance reporter

The Trumbull Times is seeking a freelance reporter for town meetings this fall.

Besides a strong writing background, the position requires some knowledge of the community's biggest issues. Residents are preferred, and applicants with no political ties or agendas will be strongly considered.

Meeting coverage could include Town Council the first Monday of every month, the Board of Education every other Tuesday night, the Planning and Zoning Commission every other Wednesday night, and the Board of Finance on the second Thursday night of every month.

Those interested in the position, please email a resume and writing samples to editor@trumbulltimes.com with the subject line "Interested in Freelance Work." Please include a brief description of your writing experience and what subjects you're most passionate about covering.

The position doesn't have to cover all four boards but a willingness toward attending at least one to two nighttime meetings is important.

The number of stories produced per meeting will vary from as little as one to as many four or five depending on the weekly or bi-weekly agenda of the board. Applicants should also be willing to write "board briefs" highlighting smaller agenda items.

Photography experience is a plus.

This is not a full-time position and it does require working at nights — not on weekends though.

If there are any questions, please feel free to send them to editor@trumbulltimes.com