Letter: Thanks for diversity, equity, inclusion coverage 




To the Editor: 

Last week was a busy news week in Trumbull as was evidenced by the number of important stories on the front page of The Trumbull Times. 

I want to thank you for giving the story about implicit bias training for our town employees top billing among your headlines. 

The EDIT group in town has had to find its way over their first few years, but advocating and facilitating this kind of gap-closing awareness training is some of the most important work they can do. I’ve attended several sessions like the ones being proposed in my jobs and I learn something every time. 

Our town employees (and all community members for that matter) deserve the opportunity to learn about their blind spots and see a different perspective. 

I was also pleased to see the story about Muslim families raising their voices in support of an additional school holiday to recognize Eid al-Fitr. This, too, is an important shift in becoming a more inclusive community, as we are already a very diverse one. 

I’m hopeful that the school district’s calendar committee recognizes this important shift and will take positive steps for the coming school year. Thanks again to Eddy Martinez and the editor for giving these subjects the prominence they deserve in the paper. 

Scot Kerr