Letter - Trumbull needs a diversity task force

To the editor;

The concept of diversity, equity, and inclusion is under attack in our town. Some say our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Task Force “is a committee looking for a problem.” That by itself is a powerful illustration of a problem.

The events of last year launched a new civil rights movement. There’s no turning back. Diversity and inclusion is mainstream thinking now — in corporate America, in sports, in government and academia — everywhere.

As a town we can't do nothing. Let’s strive to live up to our founding creed.

Here’s a fact. Diversity can be an economic opportunity for Trumbull. All over the country, well-known companies are asserting support for diversity and inclusion. Trumbull should align with those companies.

Here’s another fact. Diversity and inclusion is good for everyone. It contributes to social cohesion. It's good for mental health. It’s good for economic productivity.

As to what Trumbull can do, here are some things worth discussing. Why don’t we have a monument at Town Hall honoring the enslaved local men who fought for their country in the Revolutionary War, the most well-known of whom is Nero Hawley?

Why are so few municipal employees non-white? What can we do about that?

Our first governor, Jonathan Trumbull, owned slaves and ordered enslaved men whipped for the “crime” of being out without a pass. Shouldn’t we acknowledge both his accomplishments and failures with a plaque at his statue?

There’s a state law about racial profiling named for Alvin Penn, a Bridgeport state legislator who was profiled two decades ago by Trumbull police. Shouldn’t we teach our kids about this? If not, why not?

The highest form of love for country is to strive to make it better. If you believe our journey is complete, I disagree.

Tony Silber, District 1

Trumbull Democrats