To the editor:

As the fall campaign gives way to Election Day, I want to thank those who have been so engaged all across town about the land use issues that concern you most.

Our community finds itself at a crossroad, one whose result will have a profound impact on the character of our town. We can continue with an administration that has spent this campaign sidestepping the most important issues you have been clear about for months — land use and overactive development. When it comes to what kind of community we will have the current administration offers nearly 1000 residential units. These units by their very nature strain public safety, emergency services, and education and alter the New England character of our town. Make no mistake about it; the taxes that will be realized by the development of these units will never equal the amount it will take to educate all of the students that will end up residing in many of them. The math doesn’t work and the reason for doing so doesn’t make any sense. And you know what they say, if it doesn’t make sense, you don’t do it.

We have the opportunity to put in place reasonable and responsible development that will grow our grand list in a way that doesn’t burden our community, yet properly provides for the mixed use needed to enhance Trumbull as a community of choice for young families, age in place seniors, empty nesters and all those who call Trumbull home.

When you’re born and raised in a community your personal investment is viewed through the prism of time. You recall what was and you yearn for what can be. I have felt that way about my hometown for as long as I can remember. Sadly, what the current administration has in mind is one neither you nor I will recognize if allowed to encourage building nearly 1000 residential units before the current moratorium expires this winter.

If you believe we can do better to ensure Trumbull is truly a community of choice I humbly ask for your support.

If you believe we can control development so that our students continue to be educated in world class schools and public safety and emergency services are not stressed I humbly ask for your support.

If you believe there has been an overreach, with no direct resident input as promised, to build an $11-14M aquatics center, plus millions more for a center and library, amounting to $20-30M total resulting in straining our towns bonding ability leaving less streets paved in summer and plowed better in winter I humbly ask for your support.

If you believe we can do better. If you believe we can reasonably and responsibly make Trumbull a better community for us all, then when you walk into the polling booth on November 5 to mark your ballot, the answer will be an easy one. Vote Row B. Vote for a better tomorrow.

Mark Block, candidate (R)

Planning and Zoning Commission